Botanical Edge

Marian Hosking

September 26 to October 26 2014

Bilk Gallery is once again thrilled to be hosting an exciting new exhibition of work by one of Australia’s Living Treasures, Marian Hosking.


All it takes is one chance encounter. Your eye is captured. Whether it be dappled light through a canopy, an elegant curve of a branch, the layers of leaves that litter the ground, or a simple collection of seeds, the Australian landscapes provides place for moments like these.


Hosking creates intimate objects that are inspired by unexpected finds in the landscape. These objects are not only referencing endangered and specifically Australian plants, but also the harsh botanical edge: the vulnerability of the habitat and the delicate balance of the environment. Wild fire started by lightening is integral to the development of the Australian bush, however, after several years of drought and fuel reduction a lightening fire when coupled with extreme temperatures, can cause devastating damage. Some of the pieces made for Botanical edge are made in response to visiting areas of the Northern Grampians in Victoria, 5 months after the January 2014 fires.


Hoskings says “Fire, wind and the impact of man shift and alter our environment in varying degrees. As a jeweller I examine botanical specimens in my immediate vicinity and draw on the familiar and the unexpected to create a permanent record in silver and indigenous timbers. These are intimate objects for display and contemplation, whatever you may see in these objects, that moment is yours to keep." 


Marian Hosking regularly exhibits in Australia and internationally throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. In 2010 she received an Australia Council Fellowship, and was recognised in 2007 as a Living Treasure by Object Gallery in Sydney. Her work is in all major gallery collections in Australia and is significantly collected by many private patrons. 

Works from the exhibition

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