Carlier Makigawa

Carlier Makigawa has a Master of Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology,  1987 and a Bachelor of Arts in Design, Curtin University, WA 1980.  She has lectured at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Charles Sturt Universities. Carlier’s work is recognized internationally and is extensively collected in both public and private collections in Australia and in many countries Internationally.


Makigawa's work is distinctive. Her approach has been refined over many years with the frame as a consistent theme.  Her work speaks in paradoxical terms of complimentary opposites in a dynamic struggle for balance.  


Makigawa says "I return to a path and keep moving, observing and am surprised by the apparently effortless way that life moves and grows. It is a revelation this natural, unplanned growth.  This movement through space of energy to organise a system that drives outward, arranging itself into a previously non-existent structure.  I try to draw this essence, re-building and reaching for a connection."



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