Mini Ceramics 

19th June to 11 July, 2015 

Bilk Gallery is pleased to present its inaugural foray into ceramics with its exhibition ‘MINI CERAMICS’. 

As a contemporary metal and glass gallery, Bilk is known for its biannual glass miniature exhibition. This year however the opportunity has arisen to curate a miniature ceramics exhibition hosted in conjunction with the 14th Australian Ceramics Triennale.  

Invited artists were asked to create an original piece in their known scale, then asked to create a series represent on a smaller or reduced scale and that was capable of being held in the palm of the hand. The challenge of this lies in the design, construction and  aesthetic as well as the artists capacity to fully understand their materials and methods to produce successfully scaled down works of art. Invited artists include Pippin Drysdale, Mitsu Shoji, Brigitte Enders, Bev Hogg, Hiroe Swen. 


Pippin Drysdale is a luminary in the field of ceramics, a prolific maker whose work is deeply inspired by the Australian landscape. Mitsu Shoji, born in Japan has lived, worked and taught in Australia since 1978. His ceramic practice traverses the functional, to sculptural and installation work, he is also a well known painter. Bev Hogg’s practice explores political and environmental issues using figurative and sculptural works. 


More about the 14th Australian Ceramics Triennale in 2015: “This year Canberra has been selected to host the premier national forum for ceramics in Australia. The event attracts leading national and international industry leaders, ceramics practitioners, educators, collectors, critics and cultural theorists and will engage with the Canberra community through exciting and diverse programs and cultural approaches.” Bilk Gallery is delighted to be a part of this program.

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