Christopher Robertson

Christopher Robertson was born in 1957 and spent his formative years in Norseman Western Australia. It is an area noted for its biodiversity - particularly for species of eucalypts, numerous salt lakes and a shrubby, at times a beautifully patterned, carpet - like landscape. 


As a jeweller Christopher is known for his explorations of traditional techniques of inlay, fish-roe technique and punch perforating for surface investigation. He then uses these investigations as a means to draw landscape as an integrated metaphor of relationship and intimacy - as adornment/jewellery for the body. The use of stainless steels as a base metal for inlay and subsequent heat and acid treatments with oxidisation is innovative and unique, producing a contrary materiality at times more akin to fabric itself. 


Christopher holds a BA in Craft from Curtin University and a Masters Degree in Furniture Design from the Royal College of Art in London. Works in furniture, jewellery and hollowware are held in major public collections in Australia including the National Gallery of Australia. He has been the recipient of numerous awards for his work including a Grand Prize for Cutlery Design in Japan and exhibits internationally.  

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