Chris Bahng

Chris Bahng is a Korean-born jeweller who moved to Australia in 2001. After graduating from the Adelaide College for the Arts in 2005, he built up various artistic careers including artist residency at the Gray Street Workshop in Adelaide, a two-year training program as an associate of the JamFactroy Contemporary Craft, and Helpmann Academy mentorship program.

In 2016, he completed PhD (art) at the RMIT University in Melbourne. Chris primarily uses 3D printing technology to make his jewellery. Chris has exhibited in Japan, Europe and at home in Australia. This has resulted in his inclusion in Galerie Marzee (2020), Itami jewellery competition (2019), Loupe (2018) jewellery show Hong Kong, Schmuck in Munich (2017) and the final list of Contemporary Wearable'19, Toowoomba Regional Gallery. 


Technology provides Bahng with a palette of new possibilities and enables him to create innovative jewellery and objects. HIs current interests explore algorithms to reflect on what a digital tool would assist to expand artist’s creativity. 

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Current collection