Cinnamon Lee

Cinnamon Lee is an Australian metalsmith who specialises in exploiting digital manufacturing technologies in conjunction with traditional gold and silversmithing techniques, to produce objects that engage with the intersection between machine and hand made. Cinnamon is particularly fascinated by the way that new technologies can inform new approaches to making. Computer aided design processes such as 3D computer modelling and rapid prototyping for example, have allowed her to create a range of jewellery objects which challenge conventional preconceptions surrounding metal fabrication.


Taking advantage of these new possibilities Cinnamon uses pattern and repetition to create intricate geometric structures that surprise and often puzzle.


Cinnamon studied jewellery and object design at the Sydney Institute of Technology before completing both her Honours degree and Masters degree in visual art at The Australian National University School of Art. Cinnamon has lectured at a number of Australian universities since 2002 and in 2010 relocated her studio to Sydney’s Metalab where she continues to explore the role of digital technologies within craft practice. Cinnamon regularly exhibits her work nationally and internationally and has had a number of works acquired by the National Gallery of Australia.

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