Claire McArdle

Claire won the Itami Award at the 2019 ITAMI International Jewellery Exhibition, The Museum of Arts and Crafts, Itami, Japan, first prize at both Contemporary Wearables '13 in 2013 and the National Contemporary Jewellery Award in 2016 and was received the Excellence Award at the Victorian Craft Awards in 2017. In 2018 her work was collected by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. She has held solo exhibitions in Australia, Estonia, Germany and Thailand. Her work has been exhibited in Thailand, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Germany, France, Estonia, Austria and The Netherlands. She has undertaken residencies in Australia, Mexico, Iceland and Estonia. She is currently undertaking a PhD at RMIT University, Melbourne. 

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Current collection will be available for  viewing form the 21 November

The pulp in these brooches is made from paper that acts as keepers. The paper bag, from a hardware shop in Munich, kept the spherical magnets I bought together in my luggage for the rest of my travels. The list of passwords kept my online accounts safe. And the sold stickers kept the knowledge of the transfer of ownership of the work. The forms of the brooches are based on the paper pulp inserts that keep items safe during shipping.