Dan DiCaprio

The pieces I make in wood and precious metals, explore my interest in adaptation.  The forms I work with stem from plant and animal anatomy often combining different aspects from each.


I use metal wire as a surface embellishment to reference hair, cells within the body, or body ornamentation. Referencing what we are and where we came from, the pieces are created in recognition of the past, while alluding to the future.  The process of making this work is as seductive to me as an artist, as I hope the work is for the viewer or wearer.


Daniel DiCaprio is a Professor of Metalwork and Jewelry at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


He received a BS in Art Education from Nazareth College and an MFA in Metal Design from East Carolina University.


His work is represented by Charon Kransen Arts and can been seen at SOFA Chicago, NY Design + Art, and Art Miami.


Images of Daniel DiCaprio’s work have been published in Metalsmith, American Craft, Ornament, and Essence.

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