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In Light Of - Kath Inglis 

Join us to meet Kath at theOpening - SATURDAY 2 June 2018 11am - 4pm

Bilk Gallery is delighted to be presenting a solo exhibition by Kath Inglis - In Light Of.

Kath expertly dyes, carves and/or fuses this seemingly ordinary sheet plastic to create jewellery pieces with a particular luminosity. “I have developed a distinctive craft practice by working with my signature material, polyvinyl chloride (PVC)". Over time Kath has developed a unique and ongoing dialogue between the material, and the effects that can be created..."there is an internal and external element to the surface of PVC and the the light reacts to these layers". 

In this exhibition Kath has drawn from the natural world. With this new collection she has created a new level of complexity to the pieces combining multiple layers of colours and textures, as seen in the horizon neckpiece and pine brooches. She has also created colourful and decorative hand mirrors that can be hung on the wall... Kath says "When it comes to our identities, we are all makers. Cutting away, adding, layering, blending, concealing and revealing. A mirror offers a reflective surface - a site for contemplation about the self".

Fold Yield

Larah Nott and Peta Kruger. 

Opening  - Friday 13 April 2018

Bilk Gallery is delighted to be presenting  a combined solo of two contemporary jewellers - Peta Kruger and Larah Nott.

FOLD YIELD is an exhibition that showcases the exploration of both artists approach to the cutting and folding of metals to create and construct contemporary jewellery and objects. 

Both artists have parallel approaches in their  research and process of making, from computer based designs, paper modelling to cutting,  folding  and the colouring of the metal.

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