Expressions of Interest to exhibit

Bilk Gallery is seeking proposals / expressions of interest for a limited number of exhibitions in 2019 and 2020.  These could be a solo exhibition, installations, experimental works or group exhibitions - specific to jewellery and objects in metal or glass. 


We are looking for people whose work follows a distinct individual expression, distinguishable in their one off and production pieces.


We will continue to represent our existing stable of artists and exhibit their work.


Proposals will be accepted up until 28 March each year open to both Australian and International Artists.


If you are interested please email the gallery for further information or submit a proposal using the outline below.


Exhibition terms:


Hire of space $3,000 for 4 weeks $2,000 for 2 weeks


Commission 25% on sales


What is included:


  • Graphic design for email invitation.

  • The venue is insured and has back to base security.

  • 10 showcases, window display space, a large flat table space and a data projector if required. Dimensions can be provided upon request.

  • The invitation and press release will be distributed to our extensive client list and organisations.

  • We will staff the gallery and manage sales.


What we require from you:


Submit a proposal  - which should include a CV of each artist participating, an artist statement, images of pieces intended for the exhibition along with a rational for the exhibition. 


For the opening of the exhibition you will be required to provide the following information:


  • You will be required to set your work up for the opening night and attend the opening.  

  • Catering is an option and can be discussed, we will supply the table and glasses.

  • Give a floor talk and/or a organise a person to open the exhibition.

  • Supply the text and images for press release and social media coverage.

  • A price list for all works - including images of the pieces.

  • Take your work down at the end of the exhibition.


If we retain any work beyond the initial hire period we will charge our standard gallery commission.