Larah Nott - Peta Kruger 


Friday 13 April  –  Saturday 12 May  2018

Bilk Gallery is delighted to be presenting  a combined solo of two contemporary jewellers - Peta Kruger and Larah Nott.


FOLD YIELD is an exhibition that showcases the exploration of both artists approach to the cutting and folding of metals to create and construct contemporary jewellery and objects. 

Both artists have parallel approaches in their  research and process of making, from computer based designs, paper modelling to cutting,  folding  and the colouring of the metal.


Peta Kruger  uses  the strong graphic and illustrative aspects in her designs  from her training as a graphic designer.  By employing brass as the material of preference it allows her to explore a diverse array of influences including Deco and Futurist motifs.  The metal is cut, folded and combined in playful and spontaneous ways.  ‘I use basic techniques to create jewellery: cutting, folding and painting. Folding provides infinite opportunities to create volume from sheet metal, and strengthens the thin material so it becomes more robust’.  Shapes, ideas and a bold use of colour are combined to create forms that are new but carry traces of familiarity, alluding to a past life. ‘The more time spent tinkering in the studio with folding, the more design possibilities are revealed to me’.


Larah Nott has been influenced by the use of industrially folded metal surfaces  used in architecture and building designs.  ‘Renovation and renewal of buildings have been an influence on these works, particularly the folding and joining of  tin roofs,  and the use of tin and copper in the process.  She has explored folding and joining techniques and used titanium and mild steel, yielding the metal into life as objects and contemporary jewellery.   ‘Paper and card board are always a good starting point and particularly early on when dealing with issues of scale and foldability.  I like to hand cutting the metals  as you need to feel the material and the way it responds to stress and yields to folds’.


Opening  - Friday 13 April 2018 6pm

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