For Love

24 July to 22 August, 2015 

Historically jewellery is one the most predominate forms in which we encapsulate our various expressions of love. Given as a gift for a special relationship, of a memento of life, purchased for a significant occasion or made for memory.


This is exhibition explores all these aspects of love through the act of making or gifting jewellery. The works in this exhibition are pieces that the artists have made for someone special, or have created to mark a significant event or a moment in time. It could be a gift which expresses the 1000th day you spend together or the unity between a woman and a man. While these pieces might come from a very personal place, they all share universal feelings of love and so can translate or transfer to a new owner or be gifted to a new wearer.


Bilk co-director Helen Aitken-Kuhnen says ‘For me, when a special person or animal in my life passes away I seem to have the need to make something to express that passing in my life.’


Artist Tracey Pateman has made BROOCHES FOR THE PEOPLE and says ‘These brooches are meant as a small gesture to honour all people who are moved to act against the violent and uncaring forces in the world. The reference to birds symbolises the desire for peace and freedom, and the futility of words. I have also included a brooch for the black dog and the white dog. The notion of dogs as spiritual guardians standing at the threshold, between life and death, has been around in human belief systems for as long as dogs and humans have been companions. I have put them here to watch over the good folk.”


For Nolia Shakti her collection was initially inspired by her interest in the representation of male and female, its union, differences, sexuality and the social position within a society. She sees the male and female as two opposing subjects located on the reverse sites of the linear scale. Despite the differences there is always a magnetic tension and strive for a unity – For Love.


Mio Kuhnen pieces are embossed pillow shaped forms from a Hubble Telescope image.  She says “We are all just star dust” the poetry of science, our bodies are comprised of atoms that came from a star that exploded.  When a loved one is no longer physically with me I think of them as star dust.  They become one with the night sky forming a star in the galaxy watching over me.  ‘At night I rest my head on my pillow, the stars come out and I see you again’.


Another exhibiting artist Larah Nott approaches the theme in another way; “Music is a very personal thing and being able to share music with others in its many different forms is something that I love. In a perfect world everyone would be able to attend all the great concert halls of the world for free and music would be shared and enjoyed by the masses. The great concert halls of the world are beautiful masterpieces of architecture, where the music seems to shimmer, barely contained inside the giant walls. Perhaps I cannot give that special someone a trip to the London Symphony at the Royal Albert Hall, but by creating this series of wearable objects, based on the floor and seating plans of some of the worlds' most magnificent venues, I can give them a memento, something tangible and something to dream of – For Love.”


Exhibiting artists include: Tracy Pateman, Cinnamon Lee, Larah Nott, Sandie Lee, Eugenie Keefer Bell, Sarah Murphy, Maureen Faye-Chauhan,  Nolia Shakti, Nadja Maher, Spike Deane, Emilie Patteson, Mio Kuhnen, Helen Aitken-Kuhnen and Marian Hosking with Louiseann and Kristian King.

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