Glass miniatures

Opening WEDNESDAY 16th April 6-8pm until 16th April 2014    


New work by Evelyn Dunstan, Tevita Havea, Jenni Kemarre Martiniello, Kirstie Rea, and Ben Sewell. Curated by Lisa Cahill. 


Bilk Gallery’s immensely popular miniature glass exhibition is back! This year, five of Australia and New Zealand’s most established and internationally recognised glass artists have taken up the challenge of creating exquisite miniatures of their larger works specifically for Bilk Gallery.


Curated by Lisa Cahill, exhibiting artists include Evelyn Dunstan (NZ), Tevita Havea, Jenni Martinello, Kirstie Rea, and Ben Sewell who have produced skillfully scaled down works that are equal parts beautiful, delicate and evocative. 


Working on a smaller scale than is familiar, can be quite challenging and at times can take as long or longer than the artists already established practice, however it can also be quite enjoyable. These five artists have generously agreed to work outside their comfort zone to create miniatures specifically for this exhibition. They have relished the challenge and the chance to create new and exciting pieces that register within the aesthetic bounds of their practice, but adding a fresh and often revealing dimension in the resulting work. 


Bilk Gallery’s Glass Miniature exhibition has historically been a highlight on the calendar. This year is no exception with the works on display providing an excellent entry point for first time collectors, or adding a new significance to an already established art glass collection as well generating further interest for the general public.

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