Glass Miniatures 

25 January - 25 February 2017

The biannual glass miniatures for the Ausglass conference featuring; Tom Moore, Richard Whitely, Giles Bettison, Clare Belfrage, Mel Douglas, Tom Rowney and Hannah Gason.


The biannual Miniature Glass exhibitions at Bilk Gallery have become a tradition and an eagerly awaited time at Bilk Gallery.

Since 2006 Bilk has featured the following esteemed glass artists, who created highly collectible pieces for the exhibitions:

Klaus Moje, Kirstie Rea, Claudia Borella,  Giles Bettison, Tom Rowney, Ian Mowbray, Evelyn Dunstan, Tevita Havea, Jenni Martinello, Ben Sewell, Mel George, Jacqueline Knight, Clare Belfrage, Scott Chaseling, Brian Hirst, Harriet Schwarzrock, Richard Whitley, Janice Vitkovsky, Brain Corr, Mikki Trail, Mel Douglas, Matt Curtis and Tom Moore. 

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