Jess Dare

Calyx  Carpel   Pistil  Pod  Feminine  Nurture  Nature


This work represents the botany of my mind, imaginary seed pods, seeds, berries and fantastical forms.

Some of Dare's earliest childhood memories are of playing in the garden, picking flowers, watching the fuzzy caterpillars, picking the nuts out of pine-cones, dodging the green berries being thrown by her older brother. Making mud pies, sandwiched between huge, lime green, vine leaves. Stringing daisies together to make chains, to hang around her neck and dangling two cherries over her ears to make earrings.


Dare makes organic forms that resemble nature but aren’t true to nature. Creating an uneasy tension between the foreign and yet very familiar.


In this collection the seed pods reference new life, new growth, emergence and femininity. A seed pod is a fused case wrapped around a seed or multiple seeds, forming a protective enclosure, nurturing the seeds till maturity. As a new pod bursts open it reveals the emergence of new life.

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