Kath Inglis

November 7 - December 5  2014

Bilk Gallery is pleased to be presenting an exhibition of new work by South Australian jeweller Kath Inglis. Inglis is well known for her distinctive style and signature use of the material, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a material that is sourced by Inglis as a clear flexible sheet and is manipulated by colouring, cutting, carving and more recently, heat fusing layers.


Small shards of material are removed from the surface of the material through intricate hand cut incisions creating new surface textures for light and shadow to play. The hard cut edges and sharp glittering prisms of colour generated allude to qualities associated with glass. As Inglis says ʻTo touch this work dispels the illusion as the material is flexible, supple and as light as air.ʼ


The title of this show, Lamina, refers to the process of fusing layers together. This idea started to form in 2012 while Inglis was working on a collaborative public art project in the Clare Valley with a Glass Blower and a Stone Mason in which they created five large sculptures from Auburn Bluestone, a rock composed of many layers. The notion of layers came to the forefront of Inglisʼs thinking while working on this project, and wondered how she might explore this with her material of choice, PVC. As one layer forms the bed for the next, how it can influence or inform the subsequent structure of the rock. This became a metaphor for the formation of towns over time. Generations of families, businesses and industry - the tide of boom and bust. How one layer builds over the past… sometimes a rich layer is pasted on and it is difficult to see the history beneath… sometimes the bones of the past seem to protrude through a thin modern veil.


Inglis says "Light is a significant material in my work and I have attempted to ´lace with light´ by heat fusing two layers of intricately hand cut PVC together. The interaction of light between the layers glitters like super-charged cut crystal vase".

Works from the exhibition

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