Larah Nott

Larah Nott is a Jewellery and Object maker based in Queanbeyan, Australia.  After travelling Australia and Europe as a chef and studying jewellery design and manufacture in London and at Melbourne Polytechnic, she moved to Canberra in 2012.   Larah graduated from The Australian National University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Design Art, Gold and Silver smithing. 


She has exhibited in Australia, Taiwan, Japan, USA, France, Germany, Greece, Spain and Thailand with work in public and private collections. She is also the winner of National and International Prizes for object making.


Larah Nott is interested exploring the area of architectural spaces within her jewellery and objects.  Nott’s interest in the floor plans of Concert Halls is directly related to the miniature dimensional models she constructs. Using titanium as her primary material, Nott exploits the feather light nature of the material to create her monuments for the body.


Nott explains, “ I have been exploring and collecting floorplans and information about concert halls for the last ten years. Often seen as elitist and expensive I want to encourage and promote access to all people whatever their background, so we can all experience this wonderful immersive environment. I believe the concert hall is an excellent  example of a completely immersive space, similar to a church where it has been designed for a specific purpose. This current body of works is developed from the ongoing Concert Hall series of brooches that showcase what lies beneath the structures and also to start conversations about these spaces” 


Current collection