Marian Hosking - Gardens

31 July - 31August 2019

Exhibition opening Friday 2 August 6pm - 8pm


Bilk Gallery is once again thrilled be hosting an exciting new exhibition of work by one of Australia’s Living Treasures, Marian Hosking.

Wild, home and sea gardens are the source of the selected elements in the current work presented by Marian in Gardens.
Hosking says “Moving to the Mornington Peninsula just two years ago and travelling in North West Western Australia recently has informed my choice of imagery and materials”.

Once again Hosking has made a stunning collection which resonates her surrounding landscapes and elements in the environment. She incorporates plant motifs in silver with mother of pearl and reconstituted lapis lazuli, agate and gem beads to create wearable objects. “As a jeweller I examine botanical specimens in my immediate vicinity and draw on the familiar and the unexpected to create a permanent record in silver and found materials. These are intimate objects for display and contemplation, whatever you may see in these objects, that moment is yours to keep."

Marian Hosking regularly exhibits in Australia and internationally in Amsterdam, Munich and Asia. In 2010 she received an Australia Council Fellowship, and was recognised in 2007 as a Living Treasure by Object Gallery in Sydney. Her work is in all major gallery collections in Australia and is significantly collected by many private patrons.