Melissa Cameron

In the manufacture of her works Cameron saw-pierces recycled objects by hand, or when manipulating titanium and stainless steel, she utilises laser-cutting technology. Employing multiple cutting methodologies facilitates the use of a variety of materials, from thick stainless steel plate to thin pressed tin. Through laser cutting she is able create patterns much larger than those possible to be cut by hand; alternately hand sawing privileges fragile materials. A single pattern, within which one or many motifs are repeated, are used in both cases, enabling the creation of at least one pair, if not multiple, works from each pattern.


Each work liberates the pattern from the Cartesian plane from which it was conceived. By raising and lowering the elements on steel or silk guide wires the separate pieces are linked into a single, spatially complex, structure. Like any other system, the connections in these objects are under tension. As such the works can flex and move.

The delicate balance in her works speak to a universal truth; the inextricable interdependence between the elements of any system.

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Current collection - more coming soon