Nellie Peoples

Nellie Peoples is a designer-maker working in the field of jewellery and metalsmithing. With a history in design and architecture, she brings these two fields together in her metalsmithing practice through constant experimentation with line as a form and, with attention to detailed precision. 


The series of necklaces were constructed from found objects. The starting point of the design was to construct or assemble a piece of jewellery unearthed from reclaimed steel signs. This series utilises the inherent properties of the found object, the thin but strong sheet form and the polarising painted and metallic finishes.


The aim was to create pieces that are completely obscured the original message and means. The signs were deconstructed in order to be reconstructed into the pattern and shapes, which created in the individual elements.


The printed patterns were internalised to allow the piece seen, at a distance, to be a traditional link chain. The colour from the inside of the links can only be seen in glimpses through the movement of the chain as the body moves.

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