Opening 24 June to 29 July 2016

Nellie Peoples and Zoe Brand are emerging art jewellers who have recently graduated from the Australian National University, School of Art Gold and Silversmithing Workshop. This is the first time they have shown together and while they are exhibiting solo bodies of work, the themes and approaches to jewellery share interesting and varied parallels.


Peoples is examining the connections made between objects and people. The work will focus on the aspect of an on-going narrative with the beholder/s. The idea that every dent and scratch is evidence of each action taken by the beholder. Together the culmination of these marks create a narrative. The beholder along with the object marked by the journey taken. This includes a small series of sterling silver rings encased in crayon, that wears down with the journey of time and at the same time marks connection with the journey. 


THE LINES: Through out my practice there is a constant examination of certain objects transitioning and evolving into cherished objects. What is it about these objects and not others that allows them to evolve into something seemingly more than an inanimate? In this body of work there is an examination of one aspect of that tangled and complex transition: the journey of the wearer and object together, and how the object is able to convey that journey. – NP 2016


Brand is constructing a narrative around how we consume and understand signs. Using familiar language and forms often found in retail environments she questions the conventions of commerce and of the ubiquitous and ambiguous language that surrounds it. The work includes serial production of badges, pendants and rings as well as one off advertising boards. 


WAS NOW ONLY!: I make jewellery that uses jewellery archetypes, ready mades and text to explore the performative nature of jewellery as a device for communication. I am concerned with finding language that can describe both the object or the idea of the object, as well as the person who might wear the piece. My current body of work draws from readymade forms, more specifically from the plethora of signs and ephemera that are associated with commercial or retail situations and explores the way in which we negotiate commerce and transaction in these environments. – ZB 2016


Peoples has a dialogue between the wearer and the object while Brand extends that dialogue to the wearer the object and the viewer. Both jewellers are concept driven and seek to create a dialogue with the wearer and the public.

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