Cinnamon Lee - Protection

Cinnamon Lee - Protection


Cinnamon Lee




Titanium, 925 silver, 0.13ct heart shaped diamond.

50 x 50 x 6mm


In keeping with my theme of covert romance, this brooch features a heart, a diamond, a cross and a secret. Entirely crafted by hand, it is an expression of materiality as much as it is one of sentiment.

A thin titanium disc forms the outer layer, or front of the brooch, while the back is made from a matching disc of silver. Trapped between the two is a diamond in the shape of a love heart. A tiny cross-shaped window cut into the titanium acts as both talisman and tease, offering a glimpse of what lies beneath. The secret however, is only fully revealed by the back of the brooch - the soft silver layer that sits closest to the body. By utilising these metals, each with their own physical attributes, their unique characters are exploited to achieve both visual and metaphorical contrast. Strength meets vulnerability, preciousness inspires preservation, and above all, love is protected.  - Cinnamon Lee