Kath Inglis - Protea #2

Kath Inglis - Protea #2


Kath Inglis

Protea #2



Hand coloured, cut, carved and heat fused layers of PVC and stainless steel pin.

110 x 80 x 8 mm


I am particularly attached to this era in my work and was a significant step in the progression of my contemporary craft practice.

Protea Brooches evolved after my second mentorship with Catherine Truman (2016) where I was investigating a new process of layering multiple surfaces and the passage of light through PVC. The question of ‘how deep is a surface’ permeates in this piece. Light recognises each layer, changing direction when it passes through each surface to meet the next, diminishing as it progresses.

The colours and patterns are referencing the botanical surfaces found in my surroundings in the Adelaide Hills. I have called many places home, but this place is incredibly beautiful - often demanding my attention and filling me with appreciation and thankfulness.  - Kath Inglis.