Larah Nott  - Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall

Larah Nott - Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall


Larah Nott

Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall



Hand cut, TIG welded Anodised Titanium

110 x 60 x 30 mm


The Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall brooch is the 12th brooch in the ongoing concert hall series.  I chose Kazakhstan as its architecture is bright, unusual and dynamic.  It is also relatively new being opened on the anniversary of the country’s 4th year of independence. 


The building is located in Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan and looks vibrant and alive.  It was finished in 2009 and designed by Studio Nicoletti,  Manfredi and Luca Nicoletti, of Italy.  Astana has many wonderful new modern designed buildings such as the National Library (BIG), Khan Shatyry Entertainment Centre (Foster+Partners) and the Almaty Sofitel Hotel (Aedas Architects).  For this building the architects wanted to create a flower amongst the vast territory. Holding 3500 people, 32 meters high the building is clad inside with cherry wood, the external sail shapes are concrete clad in blue glass.  Built to withstand the extreme climate + 40°C with salty winds, the three stepped inner piazza spaces are protected from the elements.  It’s internal auditorium shape is similar to that of a Dombra, a typical Kazak instrument. 


For this work it was important to evolve the design, working in a more 3D way which has presented many challenges.  The colour is representative of the elements that the building deals with on a daily basis, who knows how it may look in another ten years.  The wearer can make a strong statement of look but don’t touch.  This design was quite intentional as the world is becoming very hands off due to the pandemic, and some people need a reminder to keep their distance. - Larah Nott