Melissa Cameron -  Powder Case I, Recycled Object Series

Melissa Cameron - Powder Case I, Recycled Object Series




Melissa Cameron

Powder Case I - Recycled Object Series



Vintage compact, stainless steel, 925 silver.

Largest 80mm x 80mm x 15mm



Patterns, regular repeated organisations of elements, are omnipresent. Appearing in the natural and human-engineered worlds, they form an ever-evolving series, one that is cross-linked through history, yet never in stasis as each strand gradually mutates. Melissa’s patterns similarly iterate, around a motif determined by the object undergoing transformation, or other outside themes. Her precision, aided by the strict application of geometry, is founded in the clarity of her vision. As in nature, a vacuum is abhorred, so the patterns morph or reiterate to continue their evolution across the plane. The pattern cuts the object and forces its revaluation and reassembly. The flexible ties that now bind the parts perform a delicate balancing act, reminiscent of the inextricable interdependence of all matter. - Melissa Cameron