Mio Kuhnen  - Moth Composition

Mio Kuhnen - Moth Composition


Mio Kuhnen

Moth Composition



Moriage enamel, cloisonné silver, copper, stainless steel.

50 x 50 x 11mm


This brooch revisits my first moriage enamel piece I made in 2017 during a masterclass with Japanese Master Sensi Tsuruya Sakurai. This brooch is a tribute to Sensi Tsuruya Sakurai who passed away earlier this year. Enamelling is a mysterious and enchanting technique, with many secrets master enamellests hold close to their heart. Sensi Tsuruya Sakurai openly shared his knowledge wanting to pass his understanding and technique to future generations. To be able to learn from Sensi Tsuruya Sakurai was the rarest privilege, opening my practice to a new direction. As I made this brooch, I fondly reflected upon his gestures and movements capturing techniques, his own ‘dance’ with cloisonne and enamel, remembering his watchful gaze, encouragement and expressions when the piece would come out of the kiln.  


The design of moth compositions reflect upon the geometric forms of the moth shapes, with the 3D element of moriage providing a sculpture formation creating movement over the forms. - Mio Kuhnen