Nicholas Bastin - Brooch

Nicholas Bastin - Brooch


Nicholas Bastin



925 silver, stainless steel, polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, acrylic, wood, glitter, pigment, plastic gemstone

125 x 75 x 15mm


When I think of the brooch, I arrive at the frame. Perhaps its most pervading and clichéd association is of a picture that can be attached to the body on a garment. It is a small portal that opens up by describing an other world within its parameters, whether literal or abstract.

For this work, I have looked at the museum, a space to which I continually refer. I have created a form that suggests the frame as well as the image within, possibly a landscape, or something other. The lines between figuration and abstraction are blurred, as is the museum itself, a place that continues to emit a strange temporal discord. The past can be glimpsed only through things that have been removed and isolated from their time. Through this, there is the sense of wonderment of the saved and preserved, but also the melancholy of loss. I aim to muse on these dual contexts through the work. - Nicholas Bastin