Small Tools for Change (Swift Parrots) - larger

Small Tools for Change (Swift Parrots) - larger




Claire McArdle

Small Tools for Change (Swift Parrots), 2021

Recycled red ironbark (Eucalyptus tricarpa), car exhaust, leather cord.

Dimension: 155 x 40 x 35mm larger of the two in the images.


The two halves of the neckpiece form a shovel. 

It can be worn around the neck to start a conversation. 

It can be used to plant a tree. 

It can be used as a small tool for change.


The metal sections are made from a car exhaust. The handles are made from recycled red ironbark (Eucalyptus tricarpa) carved into the shape of Swift parrots. This critically endangered parrot breeds in Tasmania and then flies across Bass Strait to spend the cold months of the year in eucalypt forests, especially the box-ironbark woodlands. The destruction of breeding and feeding habitat by humans, threatens the future of this species.