Takashi Kojima - Point Mandara #3

Takashi Kojima - Point Mandara #3


Takashi Kojima

Point Mandara #3


Brooch Silver, topaz and quartz.

80 x 90 x 40 mm


I use stone and metal, always considering new representation. Many often, modern social, urban, living things, natural inspired by. The world is composed of various elements that come together everyday to form a balanced world. The brilliance and vulnerability of those elements are factors that we mustn't overlook. I cannot help but to be persuaded every time I see the magnificence of metal and a stone's character, shine, weight, strength, transience and value. However, their beauty and especially scarcity has remained source of jealousy and dispute throughout years. This is also what fascinates me about them.


Stones support and fix each other.
They are stunning from every angle.
One that would involve stones holding other stones, binding them together.
Not only was the outcome beautiful looking, their connection felt balanced and serene.

- Takashi Kojima