Ring a ding ding

Group show of Bilk Artists

December 5 to 24  2014

There are gifts, and then there are Bilk gifts - this year don't disappoint.



Bilk Gallery’s annual christmas show “Ring a ding ding” will not disappoint featuring new works by: Klaus Moje, Johannes Kuhnen, Christian Hall, Bin Dixon-Ward,       Peta Kruger, Helen Aitken-Kuhnen, Kath Inglis, Nick Bastin, Tracy Pateman,

Jess Dare, Mark Varrwerk, Loujse Skala, Alice Potter, Sarah Murphy, Sam Mertens, Nellie Peoples, Mio Kuhnen, Larah Nott, Sandie Lee and Zoe Brand.



The opening nite Friday the 5 December will be spectacular, with a special performance by the drag-star extrodinaire, Queen of the Nite.


Come join us to celebrate this year and find the perfect gift for your loved this Christmas at Bilk Gallery. 



Opening on Friday 5 December at 6:00pm




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