Ring Master

Special event for Design Canberra - Saturday, 18 November 2017

Exhibition open until 24 December 2017

Helen Britton, Julia deVille, Johannes Kuhnen, Helen Aitken-Kuhnen, Carlier Makigawa, Godwin Baum, Julie Blyfield,  Melissa Cameron, Cinnamon Lee, Chris Robertson, Sean O’Connell, Jane Bowden, Bin Dixon-Ward, Philip Noakes, Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro, Mikki Trail, Sam Mertens and Mio Kuhnen (and many more).


For the last few years Bilk Gallery has been taking jewellery archetypes, such as the chain, earrings and brooches  and inviting a their stable of artists to reinvent, reimagine and reconstruct the particular archetype for exhibit. 


This year Bilk invites you to Ring Master, an exhibition exploring the notion and designs of the humble (and not so humble) ring. 


From cocktail rings, to a simple wedding band, from the razzle dazzle , sparkle, bling to the poignant, fine, and ephemeral the breath of invention and style one may adorn ones hands with is endless. 


Bilk Gallery has been showcasing contemporary Glass and metal for over 16 years. Located in the heart of Manuka, the gallery  promotes the best of young emerging artists, as well as established internationally renowned artists.



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More coming so stay tuned....

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