Sandie Lee

Sandie’s interest with metal began in high school, in the 1980‘s. Over the next 25 years she expressed her artistic self through fashion, dressmaking, horticulture and interior design. In 2009 Sandie Lee began experimenting with 925 silver through evening classes in jewellery making. The following year she completed a Visual Art and Design Practice Diploma. With this qualification in 2011 she was accepted to attend the ANU, School of Art, where she gained her Diploma of Art in Gold and Silver.


“My inspiration is sourced from the here and now and what I am surrounded by. The details and texture that I see in photos of rocks and water that can then be translated into a form. It could be the colour or a line or a shape that catches my eye.


The pieces I create represent to me the connection I have with the natural environment; and the way a piece of jewellery or object can express ones personality.


I use mainly silversmithing practices to construct my pieces, soldering, hammering, saw piercing and doming.”


Sandie continues exploring herself as an artist in her own workshop on the Sunshine Coast.




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