Sean O'Connell

My work is about many things, and is often so simple that it is purely about the joy of making in metal.  


I draw on my own obsessive nature, the need to lock down facts and ideas, and also the ability to free it all out, open to a more fluid movement, a movement that hopefully brings a naive smile to the face of the wearer.  I often try to change my way of working, to bend my will to less rational delights, to less preconceived plans, to less tortured processes of making, but, somehow I am always drawn back to these tight modes of making in the hardest of materials.  In their shapes, my work draws on perfect ideals, mathematical harmonies and clean circular forms - whole and complete.  


Yet so much hand-work means that these perfect forms are less like a precise computer drawing, and closer (though nowhere near as beautiful) to the harmonic perfection of a flower opening to the morning sun - skewed, chewed on by insects, compromised, and wondrously wonky.  


It is my hope that in making such fiddly precise forms by hand, that I can start to move towards the grander perfection of this infinitely beautiful imperfect world in which we live.

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