Shared Concerns

Melissa Cameron, Aran Galligan, Dan DiCaprio, Kaori Juzu, Jill Hermans, Caitie Sellers, Lynn Batchelder and Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro.

Opening 5 May 2017 

Shared Concerns is an exhibition documenting the meeting of a group of artists, brought together to work in the Penland studios in the mountains of North Carolina. As a group they shared the intimate ‘concerns’ of their practice, and each has created a small suite of works that interprets the ‘concern’ of another group member.


The pieces begun during their Winter Residency at Penland were finished in studios across the United States as well as in Australia and Denmark, where this diverse group of jewelry artists call home. 


Melissa Cameron

Shared word: Connection

Received word: Fuse


Aran Galligan

Shared word: Time

Received word: Connection


Dan DiCaprio

Shared word: Sexual

Received word: Inspiration


Kaori Juzu

Shared word: Inspiration

Received word: Sexual




Jill Hermans

Shared word: Fuse

Received word: Sprawl


Caitie Sellers

Shared word: Sprawl

Received word: Time


Lynn Batchelder

Shared word: Control

Received word: Analogous


Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro

Shared word: Analogous

Received word: Control

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