Taweesak Molsawat

Shifting Cultural Context- It Was A (part of a) Necklace

This creative project focuses on shifting cultural context of jewelry. The significance of this body of work is the relationship between the wearer (making decision of how to wear jewelry) and the ways jewelry pieces changing shapes and forms of the dress and body creating new connection between them and new visual perception of body decoration. In this work, I am questioning the core concept of jewelry crossed culturally both historical and contemporary issues related to the definition of jewelry and lack of the interplay between jewelry and dress as well as body in today jewelry practices. 


Historically, jewelry has played significant roles not only as a part of body adornment but the in/visible connections between jewelry, body, dress and society, however in today mainstream culture; the realm of jewelry has been constrained to mainly physical objects disconnected to body and/or dress. The deeper conceptual and physical relationship between jewelry, body and dress has been disregarded; therefore this project aims to redefine jewelry as a catalyst by shifting cultural context conceptually both role and definition of jewelry. 

In this project, the investigation of human body and dress as well as the wearing possibilities emphasizes on stimulating senses of ambiguity for the viewer, body, dress and jewelry particularly the prior existing perception of jewelry forms by deconstructing existing cultural and social elements of jewelry creating a new visual language of jewelry and dress.  Shifting Cultural Context is intended to communicate beyond visual language of jewelry and challenge the existing establishment of jewelry. By using both fragmented visual culture and existed experience of jewelry along with dress and body, I generate the condition in which the viewer is compelled to devise a new meaning and new state of jewelry perception in a theoretical and conceptual way in the context and content of today culture. In addition, the exploration of the project is to reconnect the conceptual idea of jewelry back to the body and dress creating both new visual and non visual language to general public. The investigation of jewelry, body and dress as an experimental abstract narrative related to the unique characteristics of Ess.laboratory and The Signet Bureau is the focal approach of my creative project.


It is my intention that this body of work is to be a catalyst for questioning and provoking interpretations and new ways of critical thinking regarding the core concept of jewelry related to body, dress, culture and society. This work is anticipated to be an open-ended language with the realization of the deconstruction/reconstruction theory in a paradoxical world of jewelry, body and dress both realized and unrealized. This contradictory relationship, exposed by the fusion of work, body and dress, as well as the spaces that marry them, will create a conceptual empty space to permit fresh interpretations and methods of engagement for viewers and wearer alike. 

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