The Big Dry

24 November - 24 December 2019

Exhibition opening Saturday 24 November 11am - 4pm. 

New work by Linda Hughes, Kath Inglis, Chris Bahng, Zoe Brand, Claire McArdle, Vicki Mason, Larah Nott, Thomas O'Hara, Helen Aitken-Kuhnen, Mio Kuhnen, Marian Hosking, Jane Reilly, Melissa Cameron, Sean O’Connell and many more.

In previous years Bilk has celebrated the end of year with White Christmas.  This year we asked Artists to think of pressing issues which are affecting the wider community and Australia - the environment, water, biodiversity, wind and drought. 


Australia is no stranger to climate driven impacts and extremes such as drought, fires, cyclones and floods. But this year it is starting to really dry up.  By July 2019, a climatologist at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology stated that present the drought was now officially the worst on record in the Murray–Darling Basin (MDB), and "had now exceeded the Federation Drought, the WWII drought and the Millennium drought in terms of its severity through the MDB”.   But even with the harshest of environments and extremes in climates, there is still a beauty that can be seen through the heat, dust, cracking soils and the transforming colours water can bring.

More images coming soon...

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