Tracey Pateman

I like the idea that we should easily carry a few really precious objects: bowl, jewellery, spoon, teapot - there is little difference.  These familiar objects can anchor us in an uncertain world, help us respect the small and mundane things that sustain us. Although I am deeply rooted to home and not much of a traveller, I feel we should be ready to go at a moment’s notice.


These pieces are called ‘chain of events’.


The first chain of events (bracelet/necklace) is about a travelling teapot: greatness in the smallest of things and knowing that no matter how far we travel we don’t really go very far at all.


The second chain of events (bracelet/necklace) is about a falling Gingko leaf: the passage of time and brevity of our existence.  The Gingko tree has been around for over 200 million years.  Compare this with Homo sapiens - we appeared about 150,000 years ago.

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