Trio - Linda Hughes, Dan DiCaprio and Vicki Mason

11 June - 13 July  2019

Exhibition opening Friday 14 June 6pm - 8pm


As a Trio, these Artists have a distinct language in their craft, capturing their notions of place, being and perceptions.  

There is also an underlying attention to detail and innovation of adornment that bridges their visual differences.  


In Linda Hughes’ collection, suggestions of strobing rhythms arise from the shaded layers of laminated plastic. ‘Within my work, surface lines arise and subsume to define shape and kindle motion, reinforcing 3D illusions and perceptions of inversion. I frequently employ stripes as my medium for these illusory designs; stripes are the small nervous strokes of the brush within a composition – a restlessness where the surface is never still, a device of agitation, capturing attention. Each viewer's perception is part of the totality of the work’.The work draws inspiration from the drawings of Escher - conjuring three dimensional trompe l'œil illusions by manipulating the planes of two dimensional surfaces.  Each laminate component has been hand cut and carefully placed to construct a multi-layered final work which incorporates up to 100 individual elements. From these flat, circular, double-sided forms emerge sculptural mirages, creating depth and play within their intersecting spirals.


Daniel Dicaprio’s collection refers to plant stems  and animal anatomy often combining different aspects from each. The use of metal wire and gold leaf as a surface embellishment to reference hair, cells within the body, or body ornamentation.  ‘During my process of making, I am often reflecting on people’s roles in the living world. I think about how we evolved to the place we are currently, and what other possible changes could happen in the future. I consider my jewelry and sculpture to be organisms on the beginning of their evolutionary path, having just made a great change that will propel them forward in a competitive world. Referencing what we are and where we came from, the pieces are created in recognition of the past, while alluding to the future. The process of making this work is as seductive to me as an artist, as I hope the work is for the viewer or wearer’. 

Vicki Mason’s work references her passions for plants as a subject, but as a subject its relationship to notions of place, belonging and the life cycle. This collection is a response to this thinking, revealing drought tolerant plants have much to offer. Mason’s current interest in water use in gardens has been triggered by the increasingly hot summers many Australians are experiencing. ‘Seeing my lawns dry out and plants burn in the heat, has led to me to plants that can survive and even thrive on rainfall alone once they have been established. Wattles don’t guzzle precious water after they have become established and they are relatively easy to grow. These works address issues related to sustainability of resources while also advocating for the need to learn about how to belong to our place through adapting our gardens to Australia’s climate, soils, levels of rainfall and variability.