Wen-Miao Yeh

Space is three-dimensional and the most important thing in my work. Human beings are visual, live in three-dimensional space and create objects from what they see in daily life. Being a part of space I am interested in exploring my space. I collected images of architectural designs to support my idea based on my personal interest and observation. The London Eye and Millennium Dome were my first choices as they are iconic London structures. The London Eye is a joyful wheel and is set in the city-center’s hustle and bustle; the dome is a recognized landmark with the white dome roof and twelve sharp supporting towers beside the river Thames. These two famous buildings occupy some people’s mind including mine. These places contain our precious memories from the unforgettable times like New Year’s celebrated fireworks with our special person or the amazing concert with our friends. The relationship between human beings’ emotion and living space is of most importance in my work. 

Space is not only space but is also sentimentally attached to ourselves. 

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